Scam Alert: Taxpayers Beware

Mike Miller TAX TIPS

Tax time is a busy time of year for accountants, the IRS and scam artists to boot. Taxpayers need to be vigilant with personal information, as there are many different scams surfacing. Beware of who you are giving your information to via phone or email.

The IRS released a statement last week about a new scam that is growing rapidly. They are saying erroneous refunds are showing up in taxpayers bank accounts and then scam artists are calling to say it was done on accident and to have the money sent to the fake “collection agency.” Taxpayers have also been receiving robocalls from scam artists posing as the IRS and collection agencies.

So, if you ever get an email or call from someone who says they are the IRS, check with IRS.GOV website or your accountant to verify information first. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT TO JUST ANYONE WHO CALLS YOU CLAIMING THEY ARE FROM THE IRS.

Here is a link to the article from the IRS about the latest scam…

Here’s another article from the Arizona Department of Revenue about scams…